I am delighted with the outcome and Amrish was perfect for the job!

Enmore House

We engaged Amrish for our recent renovation project.

Our semi-detached cottage consisted of a series of poorly planned small spaces including a kitchen, dining and laundry, which restricted access to the rear garden.

Being south-facing, the spaces lacked natural light, resulting in artificial lighting used for most of the day. The brief we gave Amrish for the renovation included a light and airy space with a loft parents retreat, a well-planned kitchen and a family area that flows to the outdoor space. The extension also needed to link with the original house but not imitate it.

Amrish was able to transform that vision to life. From the initial drawings to the detailed plans required for Council, Amrish was professional, knowledgeable and innovative. His knowledge of Council requirements and processes were invaluable in ensuring timely approval of our project. We were clear about the process, his role and what steps we needed to undertake to transform our vision into reality. He worked to achieve the best result in within our allocated budget

Helen and Tony

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Dulwich Hill House 01

Amrish has provided us with outstanding architecture designs and project guidance. We chose to work with Amrish because of his distinctive eye for building aesthetics and the passion he has for his craft.

His ability to listen to our expectations and iterate designs to get the best outcome was much to our satisfaction. We would recommend Amrish to anyone who is looking at renovating or building with talent.

Guillaume and Lauren


Newtown House 01

In our experience, Amrish is a fantastic architect. We don't say that lightly. Amrish combines elegant and innovative design with experience, pragmatism and great communication skills. When I refereed Amrish for our home renovation in Newtown, a previous client of Amrish's said "Ultimately Amrish helped me create a space that I absolutely love. I felt listened to and respected." 

Amrish has borne those characteristics out in his work with my partner and I. We love his collaborative approach. If you have no design ideas, Amrish will have plenty.  If you have lots of design ideas but they are all over the place, Amrish will help you bring them into a congruent, beautiful design (this is how I would describe us).  And if you know exactly what you want, I am sure Amrish will still give you some suggestions because he has great ideas! - and at the end of the day, Amrish will help you create a place that you love. 

We used Amrish for our design and then for the DA and tender process. His knowledge of Council requirements, Heritage requirements etc was an enormous asset to the process.  Moreover, Amrish is detail-oriented and organised, which resulted in a very smooth process for us. We are now using Amrish during the build, to assist with oversight of quality and meetings with our builder, as we value having him as a brain's trust on our team. His calm disposition and thoughtful, organised approach continues to help reduce our stress ten-fold.

I highly recommend Amrish and would be happy to talk further to this testimonial should any prospective clients wish to call me.

Nonie Wales



Marrickville Studio

I am writing this letter/ reference to express my enthusiasm and support for Amrish for making my dreams come true.

My relationship started when I needed plans and assistance with a new garage and studio apartment dwelling, this small but very important project was accepted by Amrish and from that day forth ideas, dreams started to become bricks and mortar.

Amrish visited my home on time, and might I add still to this day is he still arrives on time, in his demure way he looked at the site and most importantly, listened to me, my concerns and my ideas and nurtured my ideas into workable possible structures.

Throughout the journey I was presented with several mock ups, various and numerous samples of building materials along with a number of fantastic viable options for me to choose from.  Communication was paramount during this process and I felt and I was treated with dignity and respect.

In a matter of a few weeks I now have my DA lodged with council with all documentation being presented and correct.

As the writer of this letter and being female I cannot express how professional and stress free this process was. I would recommend Amrish without hesitation and if I were to build again in the future I would definitely engage Amrish.


Yours sincerely,

Shirli Dodds.


Earlwood House 01

Amrish worked on the major renovation of my home in 2013/14. At the time he was an employee of Mackenzie Pronk Architects. Heidi Pronk was the lead architect on our project and Amrish deputised for her.

In the design phase, Amrish contributed ideas and advice. He used computer software to prepare 3D presentations of the plans for us, which was enormously helpful in allowing us to visualise the space we were creating. We made several adjustments to the plans as they made their way through Council processes. Amrish was scrupulously attentive to detail ensuring that everything was provided as required and no undue delay was experienced.

We appointed Mackenzie Pronk Architects to manage the tender and build, and this was effectively overseen by Amrish. He managed the daily communication with us and joined Heidi on all site visits. He was responsible for ensuring all meetings and actions were minuted and followed up.

Amrish went out of his way to help us with decisions about fittings and materials. He hunted down suppliers and provided advice on aesthetics and functionality. We found his advice very helpful and it certainly saved us time.

Amrish has a quite manner and listens carefully. We trusted that he kept on top of all the tasks that needed attention and we were not disappointed. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget and we were delighted with our new home. We are grateful to Amrish for his professionalism and expertise and wish him well in his career.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Jennifer Donovan.


Petersham Terrace

Amrish helped with a renovation we completed at Terminus Street, Petersham in 2015.  The project was driven by the fact we had to improve the structure of the house. I wanted something cosmetic to show for our efforts so worked with Amrish to create a second bathroom and kitchen overhaul. 

Cost was a driver for us and I was fairly clear in my head what I wanted. Amrish listened to me, understood the scope of his work and very quickly put plans together for DA.  He always did what he said he was going to do, kept to the dates he promised, was responsive and professional. He also came up with good ideas - even though I was fairly stuck on what I wanted!

I am delighted with the outcome and Amrish was perfect for the job!

Cheers Zoë