DA Lodged: Platform House / Marrickville

DA lodged to Innerwest Council for Platform House, Marrickville.

The proposal includes an elevated dining extension that flows into a shaded deck that enjoys district views and blurs the lines between inside and out.


DA Lodged: Offset House / Ashbury

DA lodged to Canterbury Bankstown Council for an alterations and additions in Ashbury.

Work includes demolition of a poorly planned rear lean-to, and construction of a new kitchen, dining, living room, family bathroom, laundry / mudroom and study.

The design maximises light with large north facing roof windows, and enjoys a large daybed with garden outlook.


DA Lodged: Annandale Studio

A very exciting DA lodged to Innerwest Council today for a new 'Hempcrete' Granny flat in Annandale.

The building materials selected aim to create an energy efficient and sustainable home that will be exemplary to developments in the local area.

"I look at the range of materials out there and I cannot find one that can match HEMP. I can't find one that has such a low embodied energy, that locks carbon in [and] has such a low environmental impact." - Kevin McCloud

Advantages of Hempcrete include;

  • High Thermal Insulation

  • 50-80% energy savings

  • Fire proof

  • Termite Resistant

  • Breathable Walls

  • Prevents Mould

  • CO2 Sequestration (108kg/1sq.m)

  • Negative Carbon Footprint

  • Healthy Living Environment

  • Inherently Airtight

  • High Acoustic Performance

  • No Waste

  • Low Air Infiltration

  • Zero Land Fill

  • High Acoustic Performance

  • No Waste

  • Low Air Infiltration

  • Zero Land Fill

DA Lodged: Erskineville House

DA lodged to City of Sydney Council for Alterations and Additions to a dwelling in Erskineville.
The proposal includes a first floor addition containing two bedrooms, a bathroom and walk in robe / dressing room.

The project was heavily guided by a tight budget, and was therefore designed to allow maximum space with minimum cost.

Awards: HIA / NSW Housing Awards

Winner winner!

A huge congratulations to Chris, Gavin and the team at Riverside Building for their win for Enmore House on Saturday night.

A special thank you to our amazing clients who were instrumental in preparing the nomination.


Riverside are currently working on two more of our projects in Newtown and Dulwich Hill, with completion expected before the end of the year.

Construction: Newtown House 2

Concrete polishing is a delicate art that aims to find the fine line between not enough and too much. It results in a natural finish, which will add to the character of the interior.

Newtown House 2 aims to balance the textures of concrete and recycled brick with clean and simple lines to produce a warm, inviting and contemporary space.


Featured: Enmore House / Lunchbox Architect

A big thank you to Brodie, at the Lunchbox Architect for today's feature on Enmore House.

Read the full article here.

If you haven't already stumbled across the Lunchbox Architect, I would definitely recommend subscribing. Great articles, photos and architectural drawings. It is a great resource for any designer, or owner looking for some inspiration.

180710 LunchBox Architect.jpg

Construction: Newtown House 2

Construction has started at Newtown House 2, with demolition starting this week.

DA Approved: Homebush Studio

After an epic 17 months, two Development Applications and a S82a Review, the Homebush Studio / Granny Flat has been approved (largely unchanged) by Strathfield Council.

The delays in the project were due to a number of technical factors based around a stormwater absorption trench in close proximity to a tree protection zone (although compliant with Australian Standards). Once redesigned, council re-zoned the site as flood affected and the stormwater system had to be once again re-designed, with an accompanying flood impact statement.

Although a long and arduous process, the proposed building remains unchanged from the original application.

Perspective B.jpg

Newtown House 01: Complete

After a long wait, the finishing touches that the owner's have added to their new home have now been complete.

Very exciting to re-visit Newtown House with our photographer to capture it in it's full glory!

Check out the photos here