Inner West Council now 100 per cent divested from fossil fuels

An impressive initiative by Inner West council to move towards a greener future.

‘ Council committed to becoming fully invested in non-fossil fuel funds at its first meeting following the 2017 election. The achievement of 100 per cent divestment from fossil fuels is well ahead of schedule.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that Council was determined to take a national leadership role in sustainability.

“Being the first Council to become 100 per cent divested from fossil fuels is a significant step forward in achieving Council’s renewable energy goals.

“Transferring all of our investments into non-fossil fuel funds is a moral act but also a financially prudent one. We join a long list of organisations around the world that are making this environmental statement.

“We today call on the big four Australian banks and the NSW government to develop financial products that will allow more organisations to follow our lead.” '

Read the full article, and more intiatives on council’s website.